Helping Hands SSNA

The Helping Hands Protopage Site looks like it has been created by somebody other than me - I don't have the password and it is not in my Premier Care Password Reset Listing

Helping Hands is a care service based in Cheadle Manchester - they are recruiting for carers at £13,000 per year plus a few pounds.

You can contact Amy Godwin - Care Coordinator 01615436987 / 07918213982

Good Luck - Why not impress them with an Ambition CV Wix Site - With a YouTube Podcast of your Skills Set / Expectations

Don't be late for your interview - If you are caring for somebody stop early to attend - My Mistake 10/10/2023 my alarm did not go off - I was caring till 6am for Hitec Computers - Nimrod Release 0.10 for King Charles III