Today 10/10/2023 is Oppenheimer Nimrod release 0.10 day.

I should have been working on Project Chalie The Princes Trust trying to get a £26,000 grant to match HSL bid for Gatley Golf Club.

I want to build my University Campus and NHS Hospice on the practice ground - 16 buidings with 8 Agile Team members in each - a real silicone valley

But first we have to train up our Tutors and Recruit our Tutors from our Student Base

Which reminds me I have a Base Camp SSSNA Entry Point some where for a Hitec Client that did not come Onboard

At the time we did not have a programmer doing Microsoft Development - That is fixed now - we have Richard J Gilbert and A.I.O.C. (and hopefully Slattocks Computing).

In the last 7 years we have done over £114,000 worth of support for Hitec Computer - Compounded be the fact that SAS will not put a Hitec Link on his website.

Attitudes have changed since I announced that we would be developinf a HS2 Manchester High Street shop for Unitech and One Computers Wythenshawe.

SAS agrred that we can build him a shop / order processing and Sales Ledger System / Click and Collect / Commercial Distribution System.

Hitec has taken on a new starter called Oskar - I was asked to look at him so I created a inverview podcast / Induction Podcatst / and a training plan

Sadly my 5 year Management Trainee schedule has gone missing - it was not to be and not wanted by SAS

Whilst Oscar has put that he has programming skills on his CV he has said that he will not program SSNA / Python

So SAS has sid that he wants to recruit another body to do programming - my solution is Ben Fish - Ben runs his own company doing electrical installations.

I can see from his new website that he has WIX Skills now in addition to Php/mysql / web Hosing

Ben will be an excellent member of the team

I am very protective to Ben - I will see that he works no longer that 1 hour per day on carers rate £13.10 an hour for Warmer Communications / Helping Hands

Today i raised an invoice of £128,000 for Hitec for 17 years work

Ben Fish will resurect the work that he did for Young Masters Golf in 2006/7

I will not list all the sites that I have worked on in the last 24 hours there must be 20 - I have not noted them down - I charge £1,000 per hour for product release of The Meta Verse.