About Green Pages

Green pages is a work in progress - we will aim to create a profeesional SQL Server database servicing OnBoard Promotions - this is a commercial venture and a percentage of the revenue will be donted to charity.

Redcamel Sytems are creating a search engine which will search a database - once ProtoSearch has been completed we will work on a SSNA / General Business Directory.

This will be a subscription based service . Annual registration fee will be £50 - In line with Stockport Marketing.

In the interim period you can register your business to your local club Infonet site.

About Helping Hands

I went to Helping Hands in Cheadle today for an interview as a carer - I was 1/2 late because my alarm did not go off. I had been working till 6am in the morning implemention Nimrod release 0.10 (Pegasus) - Magna Carta Project Charlie for King Charles III.

Helping Hands said that they would not interview me because of my punctuality.

I need a new company for the work that I am doing at Hitec Computers - It was to be called Warmer Communications - Helping Hands is better - it link up with Extra Unit a caring company that I ran from 1993 to 1998 before I set up PGA Sytems. I care for Golfer!

I am disabled I have a bad back and can not lift - Perhaps a career in Helping Hands is not for me - I will be asking my support worker to use helping Hands for my care and I will invoice Hitec Computers £49,000 for my Oppenheimer Service Implemented at 6am this morning 10/10/2023 - Now to focus on Hitec University.

Systems Development

If you are a business man we can help you start up a business with SSNA a suite of Social Networking Websites - Linked to Forest404.com Search Engine.

We can help you gain sales by including you in our Manchester Discout Card Directory.

Magna Carta / StockIT is now available for you to record your StockIT Items.

We are working on an Order Processing / Sales Ledger / Commurcial Distribution Suit that doed enquiries by Business.