About The Hitec Invoice

I have been working for Hitec Computer since April 2016 - 7 years as a Community Guardian.

Hitec have delayed the Implementation of SSNA by not putting Hitec Active on their website

Had they done that Foundation Consulting would have been active - eaning us revenue as a software house

Had I charged Hitec £70 per hour for my efforts it would have amounted to an invoice of £25,480

Since july 22 2023 I have been working on project Oppenheimer - where I work 7 days a week 5 hours a day for £70 per hour

I charge £1,000 per hour for Nimrod Change control days - these take 10 hours per implementation

So the invoice for Hitec Comes to £89,000 which we are writing off because Hitec Will not pay

SAS has said he wants us to find him a computer programmer - so we have found him Ben Fish

We shall employ Ben at £70 per hour for two hours per month working for Red Octopus as an Associate Consultant

Ben will spend 1 hour a week on Stock Control / Order Processing

And 1 hour per week on Century 21 Quiz MM Invitational Tournament Registration fot The Hitec Computers Trophy

We are also writing off the £25,480 as this was a gesture of goodwill

Total Saving for Hitec Computers £114,480

Helping Hands

We will now be Invoicing in advance for Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Team

    Paul Edwards - Oracle
    Tom Davies - Oracle
    Ben Fish - SSNA / Peterloo Empire Developer
    Richard Gilbert - Longhorn Peterloo Senior Developer

      Peter Johnson - Data Centre Installation Officer - God's Electricians

        Alan Bramwell - SSNA / Wigby Pankhurst Developer / Scrum Master / Product Owner

          Adam Bramwell - Product Owner
          Mike Kane MP - Product Owner Finance

            Andrew Clarke - Oracle
            Emma Bramwell - Red Octopus CEO
            Susan Bramwell - Carer